Demodectic Mange and Treatment

Symptoms of Demodectic Mange

The most obvious sign of demodectic mange is hair loss. Beginning around the eyes and muzzle, the hair begins to thin in small patches and develops a raw, crusty appearance. The bald spots do not itch or bother the dog at first, but are unsightly. The discomfort begins as the spots begin to get irritated and the dog scratches the spots to alleviate the discomfort.

Young dogs acquire the mites from their mother usually as the pups nurse. Although many pups who acquire the mites never have mange, those with a weak immune system are most likely to have an outbreak. It is recommended that those that develop demodectic mange should be spayed or neutered to avoid passing on a weak immune system to the next generation of dogs.

Treating Demodectic Mange

A veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis of demodectic mange. Using a microscope the vet will examine a scraping from the area where the hair loss is occurring. Presence of a large number of mites in the scraping coupled with hair loss will lead the vet to a diagnosis of demodectic mange.

There are three ways that your veterinarian will treat demodectic mange. One, ointment can be applied daily to each of the areas where hair loss is occurring. Two, oral medication can be given daily for a couple of months. Three, a dog can be dipped once weekly for several weeks in Mitaban. The ointment is an effective way to treat more localized outbreaks of demodectic mange. Though it can cause more hair loss—a temporary condition— the Mitaban dip smothers the mites. Oral medication or weekly dips are best for combatting a widespread case involving the body.

Because veterinary treatments can be expensive, there are websites that mention home remedies for treating dogs who have developed demodectic mange. Whether these home remedies are reliable and effective is unknown. Check out the links below for alternatives to veterinary treatment.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Baby Girl According to Kathy Hilton

Jennifer Aniston is not new to pregnancy rumors as she’s been getting them for years. The 48-year old actress was previously married to popular actor Brad Pitt, but the two didn’t have kids, amidst the many pregnancy rumors they had back then. She has been married to actor Justin Theroux since 2015. On February 2017, Kathy Hilton tweeted that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant.

The Friends actress showed up at the 89th Academy Awards or Oscars on February 26, 2017 together with her hubby Justin Theroux.

To the surprise of everyone, Kathy Hilton, socialites Nicky and Paris Hilton’s mother, tweeted that night how Aniston looked beautiful and that she was having a baby girl.

It’s true that the actress looked beautiful in her black gown, but she was definitely not pregnant as you can see on the image taken at the Oscars.

Rumors spread that the reason for Aniston and Pitt’s divorce in 2005 was due to the actress not wanting to have any children.

She denied the rumors saying that she would want to have kids, and their divorce wasn’t the fault of anyone as things just happen.

After her split with Brad Pitt, she started dating actor Vince Vaughn in 2005, although they also parted ways in 2006.

The Bruce Almighty actress also dated musician John Mayer from in 2008. However, the couple decided to go their separate ways in 2009.

Aniston and now husband Justin Theroux started dating in 2011. They got engaged the following year, which is the same year as when they bought their mansion in Bel-Air.

On August 5, 2015, Aniston and Theroux tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony on their Bel-Air home, which was attended by close friends and family.

The couple was also bombarded with several pregnancy rumors throughout the years that they’ve been married, so this is something that’s not new to them.

Melanie Griffith Before and After Plastic Surgery Showed Her Rollercoaster Ride in Life

Melanie Griffith in all of her decades of experience as an actress has been a roller coaster ride – from being nominated to an Academy Award for Best Actress, to earning the Golden Globe and other accolades to being named Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress at some point of her life. She has been vocal about her plastic surgeries and has been availing the various procedures from different plastic surgeons in Hollywood. She received all kinds of expression and reactions with her surgeries. It seems like Melanie Griffith’s plastic surgery depicted the ups and downs of her illustrious life.

In just one and a half decade, Melanie transformed from you average actress to “what happened to you” reaction – her looks clearly showed implantations on her cheeks and lips.

The trout and pouty lips were gone and back to the normal-looking yet elegant lips for Melanie.

Melanie really aged very well and retains that youthful glow even after decades in the show business industry.

Sometimes, plastic surgery can be a bad thing. Before she looked younger, but after surgery, she looked off and people would have surely bashed her on social media with this.

Melanie has been a staple on screen and we have seen evolved through the years thanks to surgery. Her face still looks young as ever.

Even if Melanie had some mishaps in her surgeries, it is still possible to make corrections to the previous one.

From the moment she found success on screen until now, a whirlwind of changes happened to Melanie. But one thing is for sure – she regained her beauty.

From a simple celebrity to extreme makeover, you might think what is wrong in Melanie’s life right now. However, there’s nothing wrong and she just find this look edgy.

How time flew so fast – from being an extra in her early movies with this look to her unlined face today, almost five decades later.

At the peak of Melanie’s career, everything seemed working out fine but not this one where the mishaps of surgeries caught up.