Bessie Coleman Facts – History

If there was a person known for earning the very first international pilot license, the name Bessie Coleman will definitely come into place. Coleman since then became popular for her ability to dazzle the crowds with outstanding stunts at her air shows. She did this and she tried her best so that she would not be slowed down by any amount of racism there is. This is included in a ton of Bessie Coleman facts around the place.

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The Life

Coleman’s life as a kid was rather challenging. She was a child of slave because both of her parents are illiterate. Her father was then a laborer. There was a time in their life when they had to move to Waxahachie. They did this so they can purchase a quarter-acre land. This was done so that they can have a three-room house built in no time. This was the place where another addition to the family – two daughters were born eventually. It was in the year 1901 when George left the Coleman family. This made her mother, and even the siblings of Bessie work even more.

With the life they have, the education Coleman had was quite limited. As a matter of fact, she was only able to reach the eighth grade. She did this in a schoolhouse which was then closed whenever students are situated in the fields in order to be of help in the harvesting of cotton. Coleman during this time was able to establish her position. She took the responsibility of becoming the leader of their family. She was the one who would initiate to read a lot to her siblings. She would also do the same with her mother. The matron of their family was a church-goer on a regular basis. Since then, Coleman assured her mother that their family was amount to something. With all of these hardships, Coleman was still able to pursue her education. She was able to complete school. This gave her a chance to be a laundress. She was able to save money from here that in the year 1910, she was able to finally leave Oklahoma. She did this so she could attend the Langston University. However, she was forced to leave only after a year because she did not have any money to sustain the expenses of her education.

Since the interruption of her education, Coleman decided to go back to Waxahachie. She worked as a laundress again. She then decided to move all the way to Chicago, Illinois. She did this so that she could live with her older brother whose name was Walter. As for months, she turned out to be a manicurist. It was in the year 1920 when she was able to attain her ultimate goal in life – to be a pilot.

Robert Abbott served as the sponsor of Coleman. Since no white will ever teach her how to fly, she was forced to go to France. She got training in the best schools found in the said country. Her travel to Europe made her gain experiences in flying.