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Demodectic Mange and Treatment

Symptoms of Demodectic Mange

The most obvious sign of demodectic mange is hair loss. Beginning around the eyes and muzzle, the hair begins to thin in small patches and develops a raw, crusty appearance. The bald spots do not itch or bother the dog at first, but are unsightly. The discomfort begins as the spots begin to get irritated and the dog scratches the spots to alleviate the discomfort.

Young dogs acquire the mites from their mother usually as the pups nurse. Although many pups who acquire the mites never have mange, those with a weak immune system are most likely to have an outbreak. It is recommended that those that develop demodectic mange should be spayed or neutered to avoid passing on a weak immune system to the next generation of dogs.

Treating Demodectic Mange

A veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis of demodectic mange. Using a microscope the vet will examine a scraping from the area where the hair loss is occurring. Presence of a large number of mites in the scraping coupled with hair loss will lead the vet to a diagnosis of demodectic mange.

There are three ways that your veterinarian will treat demodectic mange. One, ointment can be applied daily to each of the areas where hair loss is occurring. Two, oral medication can be given daily for a couple of months. Three, a dog can be dipped once weekly for several weeks in Mitaban. The ointment is an effective way to treat more localized outbreaks of demodectic mange. Though it can cause more hair loss—a temporary condition— the Mitaban dip smothers the mites. Oral medication or weekly dips are best for combatting a widespread case involving the body.

Because veterinary treatments can be expensive, there are websites that mention home remedies for treating dogs who have developed demodectic mange. Whether these home remedies are reliable and effective is unknown. Check out the links below for alternatives to veterinary treatment.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Baby Girl According to Kathy Hilton

Jennifer Aniston is not new to pregnancy rumors as she’s been getting them for years. The 48-year old actress was previously married to popular actor Brad Pitt, but the two didn’t have kids, amidst the many pregnancy rumors they had back then. She has been married to actor Justin Theroux since 2015. On February 2017, Kathy Hilton tweeted that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant.

The Friends actress showed up at the 89th Academy Awards or Oscars on February 26, 2017 together with her hubby Justin Theroux.

To the surprise of everyone, Kathy Hilton, socialites Nicky and Paris Hilton’s mother, tweeted that night how Aniston looked beautiful and that she was having a baby girl.

It’s true that the actress looked beautiful in her black gown, but she was definitely not pregnant as you can see on the image taken at the Oscars.

Rumors spread that the reason for Aniston and Pitt’s divorce in 2005 was due to the actress not wanting to have any children.

She denied the rumors saying that she would want to have kids, and their divorce wasn’t the fault of anyone as things just happen.

After her split with Brad Pitt, she started dating actor Vince Vaughn in 2005, although they also parted ways in 2006.

The Bruce Almighty actress also dated musician John Mayer from in 2008. However, the couple decided to go their separate ways in 2009.

Aniston and now husband Justin Theroux started dating in 2011. They got engaged the following year, which is the same year as when they bought their mansion in Bel-Air.

On August 5, 2015, Aniston and Theroux tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony on their Bel-Air home, which was attended by close friends and family.

The couple was also bombarded with several pregnancy rumors throughout the years that they’ve been married, so this is something that’s not new to them.

Melanie Griffith Before and After Plastic Surgery Showed Her Rollercoaster Ride in Life

Melanie Griffith in all of her decades of experience as an actress has been a roller coaster ride – from being nominated to an Academy Award for Best Actress, to earning the Golden Globe and other accolades to being named Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress at some point of her life. She has been vocal about her plastic surgeries and has been availing the various procedures from different plastic surgeons in Hollywood. She received all kinds of expression and reactions with her surgeries. It seems like Melanie Griffith’s plastic surgery depicted the ups and downs of her illustrious life.

In just one and a half decade, Melanie transformed from you average actress to “what happened to you” reaction – her looks clearly showed implantations on her cheeks and lips.

The trout and pouty lips were gone and back to the normal-looking yet elegant lips for Melanie.

Melanie really aged very well and retains that youthful glow even after decades in the show business industry.

Sometimes, plastic surgery can be a bad thing. Before she looked younger, but after surgery, she looked off and people would have surely bashed her on social media with this.

Melanie has been a staple on screen and we have seen evolved through the years thanks to surgery. Her face still looks young as ever.

Even if Melanie had some mishaps in her surgeries, it is still possible to make corrections to the previous one.

From the moment she found success on screen until now, a whirlwind of changes happened to Melanie. But one thing is for sure – she regained her beauty.

From a simple celebrity to extreme makeover, you might think what is wrong in Melanie’s life right now. However, there’s nothing wrong and she just find this look edgy.

How time flew so fast – from being an extra in her early movies with this look to her unlined face today, almost five decades later.

At the peak of Melanie’s career, everything seemed working out fine but not this one where the mishaps of surgeries caught up.

Facts about Amelia Earhart – what ever happened to her?

The name Amelia was obtained after the two grandmothers of Amelia Mary Earhart. These are Mary Wells Earhart and Amelia Harres Otis. For their family, this is some sort of family tradition that has to be carried out whenever there is a chance for it. Basically, the nickname Meelie was received. This was obtained from a younger sister whose name was Muriel. This occurred because when she was still young, pronouncing for her was just too hard of a task. Initially, Amelia was supposed to be marrying Sam Chapman. He was a New Englander. They met during Amelia’s visit to Los Angeles in order to see her parents. There are still many facts about Amelia Earhart that you have to learn. What are these?

1200px-Amelia_Earhart_standing_under_nose_of_her_Lockheed_Model_10-E_Electra,_small.jpg (1200×893)

Other Facts

Amelia got to help in financing a date fruit farm. This was situated in Arizona. She did this because she wanted to lend an aid for her California mechanic who was diagnosed with contracted tuberculosis. Amelia left a mark on the history. She will always be distinguished for being able to receive the prestigious Air Force Distinction. Not everyone has this on their name so it really is an honor. This is the case knowing that she is only among the few females who got to do this.

It was the U.S Post Office that took charge in the issuing of the commemorative airmail stamp of Amelia. This occurred around her birthday on the 24th of July, 1963. Since she was able to finish third in the held inaugural during that time conducted by the 1929 Power Puff Women’s Air Derby, she was able to get $875.

When she left California and headed to the east coast, the first plane of Amelia was put to setting. She did this so she can buy an automobile. In this sense, she bought 1922 Kissel Goldbug. She gave this a nickname – Yellow Peril.

Amelia then suddenly met her future husband. He was named George Putman. There was a time when Putman had to look for a female pilot. He had to do this because he needed to have a replacement for Mrs. Frederick Guest who was from London. This led to him meeting Amelia. It occurred because she was selected as the very first woman to go over the Atlantic as a mere passenger.

Powder Puff Derby was the name coined for the inaugural Intended for Women’s Air Derby. This was done by Will Rogers way back in the year 1929. Truth be told – Amelia was never much a fan of dolls. However, the sisters – Amelia and Muriel came with two companions who they considered special. Their name was Donk and Ellie. These were jointed animals. The Donk, which was a donkey was owned by Amelia. While the elephant belonged to that of Ellie.

Amelia will always be a mystery to many. Her disappearance over the Pacific in the year 1937 will always serve as a haunted surprise in the whole history. Her disappearance will always be remembered.

Bessie Coleman Facts – History

If there was a person known for earning the very first international pilot license, the name Bessie Coleman will definitely come into place. Coleman since then became popular for her ability to dazzle the crowds with outstanding stunts at her air shows. She did this and she tried her best so that she would not be slowed down by any amount of racism there is. This is included in a ton of Bessie Coleman facts around the place.

Bessie_Coleman,_First_African_American_Pilot_-_GPN-2004-00027.jpg (607×850)

The Life

Coleman’s life as a kid was rather challenging. She was a child of slave because both of her parents are illiterate. Her father was then a laborer. There was a time in their life when they had to move to Waxahachie. They did this so they can purchase a quarter-acre land. This was done so that they can have a three-room house built in no time. This was the place where another addition to the family – two daughters were born eventually. It was in the year 1901 when George left the Coleman family. This made her mother, and even the siblings of Bessie work even more.

With the life they have, the education Coleman had was quite limited. As a matter of fact, she was only able to reach the eighth grade. She did this in a schoolhouse which was then closed whenever students are situated in the fields in order to be of help in the harvesting of cotton. Coleman during this time was able to establish her position. She took the responsibility of becoming the leader of their family. She was the one who would initiate to read a lot to her siblings. She would also do the same with her mother. The matron of their family was a church-goer on a regular basis. Since then, Coleman assured her mother that their family was amount to something. With all of these hardships, Coleman was still able to pursue her education. She was able to complete school. This gave her a chance to be a laundress. She was able to save money from here that in the year 1910, she was able to finally leave Oklahoma. She did this so she could attend the Langston University. However, she was forced to leave only after a year because she did not have any money to sustain the expenses of her education.

Since the interruption of her education, Coleman decided to go back to Waxahachie. She worked as a laundress again. She then decided to move all the way to Chicago, Illinois. She did this so that she could live with her older brother whose name was Walter. As for months, she turned out to be a manicurist. It was in the year 1920 when she was able to attain her ultimate goal in life – to be a pilot.

Robert Abbott served as the sponsor of Coleman. Since no white will ever teach her how to fly, she was forced to go to France. She got training in the best schools found in the said country. Her travel to Europe made her gain experiences in flying.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD): Natural Medicines That can Alleviate ADHD Symptoms

If you suffer from ADHD or you are a parent with a child with this disorder then you will understand the complex issues that are involved with ADHD and the problems associated with medication. Many parents are hesitant in using prescription medications with their children due to the side-effects and the fear of their children losing their ‘spark.’

Some parents have resorted to using natural remedies but there is uncertainty as to which natural medicines are effective for ADHD and which ones are a waste of time and money.

There are many ‘natural cures’ out there on the market with some wild claims but this article will let you know which ones have been clinically proven to work and which ones have had no studies or insufficient evidence.

SAMeSymptoms such as attention, restlessness and impulsivity have been shown in studies to be helped by the use of SAMe. This is only evident in adults with ADHD. SAMe assists the serotonin levels in the body.

landscape-1446742178-g-adhd-controversial-153342522.jpg (1600×800)

Gingko biloba

Due to the increase in blood flow to the brain, Gingko has been shown to help some symptoms of ADHD.

Grape Seed (Vitis vinifera)Although grape seed does not necessarily help the symptoms of ADHD, it does help prevent oxidative damage to the brain.

This is only useful in children, not adults.

Flaxseed oil (Linum usitatissimum)

A study done in 2016 showed that Flaxseed oil does help symptoms such as impulsiveness, attention, self control and restlessness. Flaxseed contains ALA which is converted to EPA and DHA in the body. It is these two compounds which help ADHD symptoms. Flaxseed is a good alternative for kids that cannot tolerate fish oil or its capsules. Flaxseed can be consumed either by eating the seeds which have a pleasant nutty taste or you can purchase flaxseed meal which can be spread on things such as cereal.

Fish OilA study done in 2015 gave children with ADHD fish oil supplements so that their levels reached those of the normal Japanese population.

The study showed significant improvement in hyperactivity, behaviour and attention due to the levels of EPA and DHA. Fish oil is probably the most popular and well studied natural medicine for ADHD. Many parents use this remedy and can be sourced many different ways. In kids that are too young to take capsules (they are quite big), you can purchase liquid fish oil.

IronA study done only on boys with ADHD that were non-anaemic showed that supplementation with iron improved the symptoms.

There are a number of other natural medicines or remedies that claim to have some benefit, below are the ones that either have insufficient evidence or have been proven not to help.

  • Valerian
  • Lemon Balm
  • Caffeine
  • Kava
  • Inositol
  • DMAE
  • Melatonin
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • DHA
  • Multivitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Spirulina

As mentioned before, many claims have been made with natural medicines but it is safer and more cost beneficial to only use those remedies that are supported by clinical research.

Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition Facts

Thinking about good cereal at the morning? Now, try to look at the Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition Facts. Why are they so good? Mrs. Michele Obama also said the same thing. This is good and tasty: good for heart-healthy and has low-fat ingredients to decrease cholesterol. These are things you need to know why you are suggested to consume it:

  1. Honey Nut Cheerios contains 12 vitamins and minerals
  2. Low fat
  3. High calcium
  4. Whole grain-made
  5. No gluten
  6. Care your heart disease
  7. Decrease cholesterol
  8. Source of iron

The Honey Nut Cheerios become American favorite breakfast and millions of people in America eat it every morning. Michelle Obama, in the holiday reception, was chatting with kids. The child asked about Mrs.Obama favorite things at the morning. She said, the Cheerios and she also told it was not an advertisement. It is the part of American daily lifestyle which is trusted and beloved.

The Honey Nut Cheerios in the market

Honey Nut Cheerios is one of the cheerios breakfast cereal that is introduced by General Mills in 1979 which offer a honey and almond flavor. Historically, Honey Nut Cheerios has also participated in various advertising and collaboration like NASCAR. Some various products of Honey Nut cereal also introduced as the part of a promotion like ice cream flavor which was Honey Nut Crunch. This cheerios put the advertising on Saturday with the children as the first target and the cartoon program was played.

The styles of Honey Nuts Cheerios commercial developed over the years. Mostly the commercials will talk about adults that talking about cereal at the morning. In the 1990s, the commercials evolved to be a Buzz (bee) tempting someone with Cheerios. Around the 2000s, the commercials were changed into the adventure of a Buzz and his friends. Now the Honey Nuts Cheerios becomes the greatest cereal favorited in the U.S.

Is That Honey Nut Cheerios truly Healthy?

The claim of oats in the cheerios might be just a bullshit. Remember that, that the oats are not listed in the first ingredient. It means that this is supposedly processed with other ingredients. The statement in the package that they only mixing then cooking and toasting is so nice to read. But they should add the appropriate ingredient list like processed whole grain.

In the other side, talking about low sugar, women are suggested to consume no more than 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men of added sugar a day. It means 1 or 0,75 cups is more appropriate. A cup of cheerios is contained around 7.92 grams per cup (depending on the variety). The Honey Nut Cheerios has 0,75 of a cup per serving. Even though the thought of eating low sugar is inside our mind, we still eat more sugar. Why does this not publicly advertise? It might draw attention that we will eat less than usual.  Aside from the little analyzes above, it is not the case of blaming a cheerios producer to create a truly healthy products. It is about consumers how to think and read it carefully before buy. Besides, a knowing of the product ingredients will not cause them to stop buying cheerios when taste comes to the front.