Melanie Griffith Before and After Plastic Surgery Showed Her Rollercoaster Ride in Life

Melanie Griffith in all of her decades of experience as an actress has been a roller coaster ride – from being nominated to an Academy Award for Best Actress, to earning the Golden Globe and other accolades to being named Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress at some point of her life. She has been vocal about her plastic surgeries and has been availing the various procedures from different plastic surgeons in Hollywood. She received all kinds of expression and reactions with her surgeries. It seems like Melanie Griffith’s plastic surgery depicted the ups and downs of her illustrious life.

In just one and a half decade, Melanie transformed from you average actress to “what happened to you” reaction – her looks clearly showed implantations on her cheeks and lips.

The trout and pouty lips were gone and back to the normal-looking yet elegant lips for Melanie.

Melanie really aged very well and retains that youthful glow even after decades in the show business industry.

Sometimes, plastic surgery can be a bad thing. Before she looked younger, but after surgery, she looked off and people would have surely bashed her on social media with this.

Melanie has been a staple on screen and we have seen evolved through the years thanks to surgery. Her face still looks young as ever.

Even if Melanie had some mishaps in her surgeries, it is still possible to make corrections to the previous one.

From the moment she found success on screen until now, a whirlwind of changes happened to Melanie. But one thing is for sure – she regained her beauty.

From a simple celebrity to extreme makeover, you might think what is wrong in Melanie’s life right now. However, there’s nothing wrong and she just find this look edgy.

How time flew so fast – from being an extra in her early movies with this look to her unlined face today, almost five decades later.

At the peak of Melanie’s career, everything seemed working out fine but not this one where the mishaps of surgeries caught up.