Facts about Amelia Earhart – what ever happened to her?

The name Amelia was obtained after the two grandmothers of Amelia Mary Earhart. These are Mary Wells Earhart and Amelia Harres Otis. For their family, this is some sort of family tradition that has to be carried out whenever there is a chance for it. Basically, the nickname Meelie was received. This was obtained from a younger sister whose name was Muriel. This occurred because when she was still young, pronouncing for her was just too hard of a task. Initially, Amelia was supposed to be marrying Sam Chapman. He was a New Englander. They met during Amelia’s visit to Los Angeles in order to see her parents. There are still many facts about Amelia Earhart that you have to learn. What are these?

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Other Facts

Amelia got to help in financing a date fruit farm. This was situated in Arizona. She did this because she wanted to lend an aid for her California mechanic who was diagnosed with contracted tuberculosis. Amelia left a mark on the history. She will always be distinguished for being able to receive the prestigious Air Force Distinction. Not everyone has this on their name so it really is an honor. This is the case knowing that she is only among the few females who got to do this.

It was the U.S Post Office that took charge in the issuing of the commemorative airmail stamp of Amelia. This occurred around her birthday on the 24th of July, 1963. Since she was able to finish third in the held inaugural during that time conducted by the 1929 Power Puff Women’s Air Derby, she was able to get $875.

When she left California and headed to the east coast, the first plane of Amelia was put to setting. She did this so she can buy an automobile. In this sense, she bought 1922 Kissel Goldbug. She gave this a nickname – Yellow Peril.

Amelia then suddenly met her future husband. He was named George Putman. There was a time when Putman had to look for a female pilot. He had to do this because he needed to have a replacement for Mrs. Frederick Guest who was from London. This led to him meeting Amelia. It occurred because she was selected as the very first woman to go over the Atlantic as a mere passenger.

Powder Puff Derby was the name coined for the inaugural Intended for Women’s Air Derby. This was done by Will Rogers way back in the year 1929. Truth be told – Amelia was never much a fan of dolls. However, the sisters – Amelia and Muriel came with two companions who they considered special. Their name was Donk and Ellie. These were jointed animals. The Donk, which was a donkey was owned by Amelia. While the elephant belonged to that of Ellie.

Amelia will always be a mystery to many. Her disappearance over the Pacific in the year 1937 will always serve as a haunted surprise in the whole history. Her disappearance will always be remembered.